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We are now offering our superior quality Murphy Wall-Bed hardware to retailers and cabinet shops outside our existing limited dealer network. This is the patented trademarked Murphy Wall-Beds Hardware has been manufacturing the highest quality hardware since 1975.

Retailers and DIY stores can increase profit by adding our hardware, but can also increase sales on Plywood, Crown Moulding and finishing supplies. The Hardware will separate you from the competition and get you the material sales to complete the project for the person wanting to do a project themselves.

  • Imagine having a product that people are looking for that 99.9% of all other retailers don’t carry!
  • DIY Hardware has never been offered to retail before now!
  • One Simple Box that can add big profit on every sale. Some of our small retailers sell 6 per month!

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Our full line of hardware from DIY kits, Steel kits or our Elite Aluminum Hardware will separate you not only from other cabinet shops, but also from other Wall-Bed Hardware.

  • Imagine having a product that people want and most other cabinet shops don’t offer!
  • Add thousands of dollars worth of cabinet business to every sale!
  • We are often imitated, but never duplicated!

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